Bronze Marble Sign


  • Statue Woman Drapee Bronze Sign P. Hebert 1823-1893 Black Marble Socle
  • Bronze With Golden Patina (seagull On Wave) Posed On Black Marble, Signed Renetti
  • Sculpture Art Deco Bronze On Marble Signed Milo Black Panther, A6207
  • Bronze Sculpture Memorial To Black Patina Green Mottled Effect
  • Bronze Statue Signed Original Black Bear Cub Mother West Marble Art
  • Grand Pheasant Bronze On Black Marble Art Deco Not Signed H 32cm L 87cm 17cm P
  • Statue Woman Draped Bronze Sign P. Hebert 1823-1893 Black Marble Base
  • Ouline Alexander. Bust Dhomme. A Bronze Patina Green On Black Marble Base
  • Thomas François Cartier Bison Bronze On Black Marble
  • A61 Sculpture Bronze Eagle Head On Black Marble
  • Buste Bronze Nineteenth Signed Bulio Pope Ix Base Black Marble Collection Religion
  • Pendulum Bronze Marble Black M Daille D Or 1827 Sonne 12 Coups De Minuit
  • Grand Signed Art Deco Black Bear Sculpture Bronze Statue Marble Figurine
  • Former Paris Japy Movement Black Dial Maill
  • Movement Japy Paris Set Of Black Marble Way E