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Charles Valton (1851-1918) San Bernardo In Snow Bronze And White Marble

Charles Valton (1851-1918) San Bernardo In Snow Bronze And White Marble

Charles Valton (1851-1918) San Bernardo In Snow Bronze And White Marble    Charles Valton (1851-1918) San Bernardo In Snow Bronze And White Marble

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Home in sales that we are evaluation and purchase paintings painters contacts \"san bernardo in the snow\" warning the retirement in store is very grade payment methods accepted intesa sanpaolo agency 5 turin current account 12517 led by claudio fornasieri srl abi 03069 cab 010 7030690100510000012517 header: claudio fornasieri srl pay pal hand-pick contacts the balon de claudio fornasieri via lanino 5 bis, 10152, turin tel '390115213270 - '390114310007 fax '390114310007 program on Saturday with continuous hours terms and conditions of sale pay terms. The item \"charles valton (1851-1918) san bernardo in bronze snow and white marble\" has been on sale since Tuesday, April 7, 2020. It is in the category \"art, antiques-art of the xxe, contemporary-sculptures, statues\". The seller is \"ilbalon\" and is located in torino. This item can be delivered anywhere in the world.

  1. rity: original
  2. artist: chales valton
  3. style: nn
  4. by: merchant or dealer
  5. : white
  6. matter: metal
  7. scarics: signed
  8. measuring ones:
  9. theme: nature
  10. date of the creazione: ancient (pre-1900)
  11. unit: 1

Charles Valton (1851-1918) San Bernardo In Snow Bronze And White Marble    Charles Valton (1851-1918) San Bernardo In Snow Bronze And White Marble